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Google Glass ​in Treatment Room

Lead designer

Project timeline: 1 month


The project was set out to improve the workflow of nurses by helping them ID the patient quickly, and providing them with instructions to set up and treat the patient effectively. 

The format of presenting information on a wearable meant that the nurses' attention is not divided in looking for information when they are with a patient.

My Role

This was a personal project that myself and a colleague from the engineering team worked on, in our free time. We set out to build a proof of concept of an application that would help Radiation Therapists in a treatment room identify and setup patients effectively.


I analyzed years of existing field research data on our users and their pain points in their work environment, and identified some of the top issues that we can help solve with a wearable device. I then created user flows, generated storyboards, built low and high fidelity wireframes and worked closely with the developer in building a prototype version of the application.

The prototype was presented to our company's executive team to help communicate the viability of using a wearable device to improve the easy identification and setup of a patient in a treatment room. Although we received positive feedback from the team on the proof of concept, the project did not secure enough funding to roll it out as a product offering to the masses, because of the steep investment needed on the hardware side. 

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